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News Articles:



Trouble in the valley of the eagles. May 27, 2013. High Country News. Liza Gross.


Research projects get funding from public. April 21, 2013. The Columbus Dispatch. Spencer Hunt.


Uncommon People: Crowdsourcing for research. April 19, 2013. UC Santa Cruz Review Magazine. Peggy Townsend.



Tracking eagles by satellite: Birds to wear ‘backpacks.’ November 15, 2012. Chilkat Valley News. Tom Morphet.


UC Santa Cruz students try crowdsourcing research; Kickstarter used to raise funds. June 14, 2012. Santa Cruz Sentinel. Jason Hoppin.


UCSC student off to Alaska to uncover the secrets of bald eagles. June 13, 2012. Santa Cruz Patch. Carol Carson.



Alaska Predator Research Expedition Kickstarter project


John Dengler Images: Chilkat River eagle migration study photo gallery