Kínaa (4Y)

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Name: Kínaa

Sex: Female Male

Age: Adult

Status: Inactive; Fate Unknown

Kínaa (4Y) was the last bird captured during our 2013 capture season, early afternoon on November 5th using a bow net. He moved around a lot in winter of 2013/2014– from the Chilkat to Glacier Bay and back, with additional forays up toward Yakutat and down south of Juneau and back to Glacier Bay. He spent most of winter 2014/2015 around the Chilkat River. We lost contact with Kínaa midsummer 2015 and are no longer able to track him. He has a unique white wing feather– one of his secondary feathers on his right wing is completely white, and is very easy to spot while he’s flying or perched. (Thanks to Tim Henson for the photo!) His name means “long feather” in Tlingit.