Deishú (3Y)


Name: Deishú

Sex: Female Male

Age: Adult

Status: Inactive. Tag dropped and lost.

Deishú (3Y), an adult female male, was captured just after noon on November 5th, 2013, using the net launcher. As is typical during dark winters, the battery on his transmitter died for a period mid-winter. He spent most of his winter in Juneau, Alaska, before heading to Berners Bay in the spring for Hooligan and then returning to Haines. He has split his time among Juneau, Berners Bay, and the Chilkat River. In early summer 2014, we lost contact with his tag. We attempted retrieval but did not find his body or the transmitter. It is assumed that he either broke the harness and dropped the tag, or the tag permanently failed. His name, Deishú, means “end of the road” in Tlingit, and is the Tlingit name for Haines, Alaska.