Shaawát (3E)


Name: Shaawát

Sex: Female

Age: Adult

Status: Inactive; Possible Transmitter Failure

Shaawát (3E) was captured early on the morning of November 5th, 2012 using a perch snare. Thus far, 3E has been one of our least mobile birds, sticking very close to the area in which she was captured in the Chilkat Valley. In summer of 2013 she spent time near Berners Bay and Juneau, Alaska, although she continues to spend much of her time near the Chilkat. Her transmitter battery died in fall of 2013 and we did not begin receiving locations from her again until February 2014. Most recently, she has been between the Chilkat River and Berners Bay. Her transmitter failed outright in early summer of 2015, and we are no longer able to track her. Her name is Tlingit for “woman” since she is the adult female we’ve been tracking the longest.