Shaa (2Z)


Name: Shaa

Sex: Male

Age: Immature

Status: Active

Shaa (2Z) was captured late morning November 4th, 2012 on a perch snare. He left almost immediately following his capture and traveled southward, where he spent the majority of the winter between Prince Rupert and Port Edward, British Columbia. In summer of 2013, he spent time north of Haines near Yakutat, Alaska and in the interior of Yukon Territory, Canada. He returned to Prince Rupert for the winter of 2013/2014, and again spent the summer in the Yukon, as well as most of fall and winter 2014/2015. He did make a return visit to Prince Rupert late in winter 2015. His summer range seems closely tied to the Yukon between Whitehorse and the Chilkat Pass, while in winter he typically visits the Price Rupert landfill in British Columbia. He is named Shaa, “mountain” in Tlingit, for the significant portion of the year he spends high in the mountains on Chilkat Pass.