Eagle Update

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Eagle Update

Happy Spring! Here’s an update on what our GPS-tagged eagles have been up to since this winter.

Káa (3C): Káa didn’t move too much this winter. Unlike previous winters, when he traveled southward toward Prince Rupert, Káa mostly stuck around the Copper River and other watersheds in the area. Recently he’s spent time around Yakutat Bay, and he’s currently hanging out in Juneau.

Shaatk’ (4P): Just as in December, Shaatk’ has stayed very close to Admiralty Island. Most recently she’s been hanging out around Pybus Bay, in the southeastern corner of the island.

Shaa (2Z): Shaa seems to have his annual travel pattern down pat. He spent the winter in Prince Rupert near the landfill, then returned to his summer grounds in early spring. He’s currently hanging out near Whitehorse, YT.

Xeitl (4R): We were concerned that we wouldn’t hear from Xeitl again after losing contact with her transmitter this winter. She popped back up again in spring though, when her transmitter finally recharged. Although we don’t know her whereabouts this winter, she’s currently hanging out around Juneau. Welcome back, Xeitl!

Kút (3R): Kút is currently firmly on her nesting territory at the tip of Admiralty Island. I wonder if she hatched chicks this year?

Ixkée (2T): Ixkée visited Berners Bay this spring, likely attracted to spawning eulachon (also known as hooligan or candle fish). Recently she’s been spending most of her time on the Taku River.

Tláakw (3G): Juneau is a pretty popular spot right now! Tláakw is hanging out there, too.

Keen (3Z): Keen also visited Berners Bay for hooligan, but most recently he’s been hanging out across Lynn Canal from Berners, around St. James Bay.

Kínaa (4Y): We lost contact with Kínaa midsummer last year. After not having received a single location from him for more than six months, we were convinced his transmitter had completley failed. But somehow, it didn’t! It managed to recharge and we’re able to keep up with Kínaa  again, at least for the time being. In the past few weeks, he’s been spending time in Glacier Bay and around Dundas Bay, to the southwest of Glacier Bay.

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